What Our Patients Say

C. H.

LMP, Licensed Hellerwork & Craniosacral Practitioner

Dr. Hunter meets and exceeds my high standards for chiropractic care. As a Structural Integration Practitioner, I am continually impressed with his superior technique in adjusting all the joints of the body, including ankles, shoulders and knees. I have been seeing him as a patient, as well as referring clients to him, for over ten years. My clients all love the way he takes time to educate them as he helps them heal. It is a pleasure to have his practice in the West Seattle community.

J. B.

I am a carpenter and painter by trade. I use my body daily to earn a living. Over time and extended use, I developed several areas of chronic back pain. It became so bad- there were days it was painful to walk or even sit up. Even sleeping became difficult. I tried to self diagnose using information from the internet, and started doing yoga regularly to try to help manage the pain, but it kept coming back. I started to worry that it was something more serious, and decided to get help. Dr. Hunter was able to see me right away, and was quickly able to recognize the problematic areas of my body. He assured me that I would be able to heal, and advised me about which exercises would promote healing, and which body mechanics to avoid. He started me on a schedule of adjustments customized to my case specific situation. Relief started after the very first adjustment. He also got me going on a series of exercises designed to strengthen the surrounding areas giving me trouble. I took the exercise routine Dr. Hunter showed me seriously, and really tried to do it as frequently as he prescribed. Dr. Hunter’s holistic approach also includes regular inquiry about the kinds of work I do, to determine which activities are helping or hurting. He has always been patient with me, and encourages questions from me. He has always taken the time to answer my questions in a language that can easily be understood. He has kept every appointment, and when it was my time, I always had the impression that his attention was undivided. I am going on my third month of treatment, and am delighted to report that I am not only walking around and working again- I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a very long time. I could not put a price tag on how much better I feel. Health is wealth, and I would glowingly recommend Dr. Hunter’s services to anyone. Even if that someone was not suffering chronically. Dr. Hunter has addressed ares of my body that were not consciously giving me trouble. Even in areas of my body that were not hurting, I now experience greater range of motion, and feel better than I thought I ever would.

I. B.

I consider myself a fairly active person and love to be outdoors enjoying life. My activities got gradually more limited as my back problems began to worsen. I was looking at any and all routes of treatment as my mobility was decreasing each day because of the pain. I chose the chiropractic route because it made more sense to treat the cause of the problem rather than cover it up with painkillers. After an intense bout of treatments and on going weekly adjustments, Dr. Hunter helped me get back to living pain free. Thanks Dr. Hunter for giving me my mobility back!

S. L.

Professional Athlete

I want to thank you for all you have done for me ever since I hobbled into your office six years ago when my back was “out”. In addition to getting me back on my feet, you have completely changed my posture, and literally added years to my athletic career, as well as comfort and general well being to my life. I always look forward to coming in to see you. In addition to your knowledge and professionalism, you bring a very positive energy to your work, which has a healing element all it’s own. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me.


Age 81

I’ve been with Dr. Patrick Hunter for many years and he has kept me healthy and comfortable, even through challenging injuries. I’m 81 years old and still active, but not climbing trees and falling off horses anymore! I still garden, walk, swim, and teach piano thanks to Dr. Hunter. Dr. Hunter is always upbeat and kind. I would highly recommend him to all.


I began seeing Dr. Hunter about a year ago. Initially, I sought his help for lower back and hip pain. Years of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing followed by years of sitting in front of a computer screen had taken their toll. Not only was I experiencing chrionic pain and spasms, but I was also developing bad habits in terms of posture and exercise. I was referred to Dr. Hunter by close friends. He was able to ease the chronic pain I was experiencing as well as provide me with suggestions for decreasing these episodes. I began to see Dr. Hunter regularly and I noticed great results. My overall flexibility improved. My posture improved. The intensity and frequency of painful back pain has decreased dramatically. Dr. Hunter is a gifted healer and a good guy. I’ve seen other physicians who have a hard time recalling your name much less your medical history. I’m always impressed with Dr. Hunter’s knowledge of my medical history and the current exercises I’m doing to improve my spine and hips. He clearly loves his job and loves helping people reach better overall wellness and health.


Shamanic and Sound Healer

My daughter and I have been seeing Dr. Hunter twice a week since 2008. He has greatly improved the quality of our lives. Dr. Hunter is a highly skilled Chiropractor who always leaves us feeling more energized and uplifted. He has treated us for chronic neck issues, migraines, back pain – the list goes on. But it’s his consistent warmth, humor and unending encouragement that make him a stand-out practitioner. It’s official – Dr. Hunter has become a part of our family. I highly recommend Conscious Choice Chiropractic.




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